Let’s Learn Keto!

Welcome to my Blog where you can learn to do it KetoStyle!

You can control your Diabetes/Insulin Resistance, Lose Weight, and help many other medical conditions by following a Ketogenic Lifestyle (Low Carb, Moderate Protein, High Fat)

This blog is designed to lead you from the explanation of just what keto is, through information that will help you understand what to do and how to do it.

I am not a doctor or medical professional. I’m a person who has incorporated the Keto Lifestyle into my life, controlled my blood sugar and lost weight. I’ve helped a lot of other people do the same and would like to share what I’ve learned with you.

Keto is a lifestyle, it’s not a diet. If you’re looking for a quick way to diet, this probably isn’t the page for you. This is a way of eating to follow for life – not a short term “quick fix”. We’ve all experienced diets, haven’t we? You do it for awhile, lose weight, go back to the old way of eating and gain it all back plus more! We don’t want to continue to rinse and repeat!

Keto begins with a low carb, high fat, moderate protein way of eating. Having said that, as an individual, you will find you may have to do some tweaking once you’ve gone through the 30 days of getting into Fat Adaptation. If you will follow the Basic Food List I’ve provided for 30 days, you’ll find you’ll get into this lifestyle quicker and easier. After that, you can tweak macros to work for you and your very unique conditions!

When you begin, you’ll probably start following blogs and joining groups and hearing many differing ways to do keto. Please follow the basic food list for 30 days before trying other things. It’s important for your body to learn to burn fat instead of glucose to get into a ketogenic state. Once that’s done, you can tweak things. But jumping from one thing to another will only hold you back.

Another thing you’ll hear a lot about is Fasting. By following the keto food list I’ve provided, you’ll be led into a natural sort of fasting.  It’s simply that by eating high fat, you’ll feel full and won’t feel hungry. The FIRST tenet of Keto is “eat when you’re hungry and don’t eat if you’re not hungry”. During this first 30 days with the food list,  you’ll learn to listen to  your body and easily begin to eat less as you continue. After this first 30 days of getting into fat burning, if you’d like to look deeper into scheduled fasting, feel free. That’s a choice, some people love it, some feel very deprived. Do what feels right for YOU.

This Lifestyle is being taught by more and more doctors and health practitioners around the globe to help people control their insulin levels, blood sugars, and weight issues. It’s a very healthy way to eat using whole foods rather than processed mystery foods, lower carb vegetables for nutrition, healthy meats and fats.


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