Learn More Basic Info about Keto

A Ketogenic Lifestyle is somewhat similar to the ORIGINAL Atkins but it takes low carb to a whole new level. It involves  reducing carbohydrate intake and greatly increasing certain fats in order to allow your body to change from a carb/sugar burning state to the fat burning state known as  Ketosis. Living in this state will give you much more energy and stamina. It will also help you, as one who is metabolically challenged, to control your insulin level, to lower your blood sugar, and to lose weight. In many cases, it will allow you to reduce or eliminate diabetes medications (for Type 2). If you are Type 1, it will allow you to reduce your insulin intake and keep your blood sugars in a healthy, more steady range.

While KL (Ketogenic Lifestyle) will help you lose weight if needed, the primary focus here is Health. The weight loss is a happy side-effect!

KL may also help with other medical issues such as joint inflammation, Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy,  PCOS, Gestational Diabetes, and Alzheimers. This site is primarily for Diabetes Control. If you’re looking for information on other conditions, I’d suggest googling “<condition> Ketogenic Lifestyle”.

Here’s a good beginner site for more info on Low Carb: Authority Nutrition Keto Diet 101
This site lists more than 20 Studies that have shown that a low carb way of eating outshines a low fat one, especially if you’re metabolically challenged.


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