What About Cholesterol?

High Carbohydrates and High Fats are not a good combination but when you change your eating habits so you are eating a very low level of carbs, this is no longer a worry. 

Here’s a great collection of links showing you why, when you follow  KL (Ketogenic Lifestyle), you no longer need to fear Cholesterol or Fat.

It’s suggested that you go through the links thoroughly so you understand completely how fats and cholesterol affect you.

      (the lettering is for reference in my group)

H1: The Cholesterol Myth…and What to do about it

H2: Know Your Triglyceride/HDL Ratio

H3: Lt. Frederick Schwatka and Low-Carb Adaptation- from the blog of Dr Michael R. Eades, M.D.

H4: Accused of a Crime That Never Took Place – LCHF on Trial in Sweden

H5: Why Cholesterol May Not Be the Cause of Heart Disease – by Dr Mark Hyman

H6: The Grave Dangers of Statin Drugs—and the Surprising Benefits of Cholesterol

H7: Heart of the Matter – How Did We Get So Far Down the Wrong Track – by Dr Mercola

H8: Fats and Oils – Which to Use?

H9: Science for Smart People

H10: Diet, Health, and the Wisdom of Crowds – by Tim Naughton