FB_IMG_1500515428928.jpgHair! It’s thin, it’s flat, it’s falling out! Whenever you make a big change in your lifestyle, you’ll probably have some problems with your hair! Lose a lot of weight, hair falls out. Have a baby, hair falls out! Change from burning glucose to burning fat for energy, hair falls out! Your hair is too thin, or too fine. or it’s getting gray – and as we get a bit older, we discover that gray hair is NOT the same as regular hair. It tends to be wiry, frizzy, and just downright ornery!  What can you do?

Well, when you visit your doctor, you should definitely discuss it. If your thyroid is malfunctioning, it can cause hair loss, diabetes can do that as well as many other conditions. It can be a symptom of a problem, but those things are usually easily ruled out with a blood test or two.

But what can you do in the meantime? Treat your hair to some kindness. Don’t always blow it dry or sit under a dryer. Brush or comb gently and let it dry naturally. All that blowing and drying can dry your scalp and damage hair follicles! So give it a little rest. If your scalp feels dry, a teeny bit of coconut oil may help.

As I’ve grown a bit older, I have developed several problems. My hair is fine AND it’s thin, so if I use a lot of product on it, it gets weighted down and looks flat. That’s not good! So instead of heavy mousses I found a great root booster called Rusk Thicker Thickening Myst! It really adds some volume without weighting things down. You apply it by lifting your hair up and squirting a small amount just at the roots. Do that all over, then run your fingers through it all gently. This will pull a SMALL amount through your hair so you get control without weight! I really love this stuff – it’s a must have for my fine hair!

We recently got a great new store in our area called Fresh Thyme Farmer’s Market. They have a big Natural items section with all sorts of organic, non-gmo, wonderful supplements and beauty products. I was shopping there a few weeks ago and found another amazing hair product. This one is to use in place of shampoo. It’s called Renpure Solutions Vanilla Mint Cleansing Conditioner. It contains no sulfates, parabens, dyes, gluten, Phthalates, or Propylene Glycol. It makes your hair feel so smooth and soft, your fingers glide right through it as you cleanse it! This stuff tames gray hair! My hair had become so flyaway! I wore a hat most of the time! But not anymore! My hair is back to the silky softness of the younger me! This is a gift from heaven if you have hard to manage hair!

I hope you find this info helpful! Please leave a comment and let us know what you do to tame YOUR naughty hair! 🙂



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